Sihing Arthur Heredia

Arthur instructor

Sihing Arthur’s fascination with the Martial Arts began at a young age.  He grew up in a family with strong Martial Arts influences.  His father, a former Shotokan Karate instructor, had taught during his early years in Lima, Peru.  Sihing Arthur’s uncle, a student of his father, was also a practitioner in Shotokan and would eventually become one of his early instructors.  At the age of 7, Sihing Arthur began Karate which provided the foundation for his future martial arts training.

Since then, Sihing Arthur has studied various Martial Arts including Tae Kwon Do, Japanese Jujitsu, Western boxing, Chinese Wushu/ Sanshou, Muay Thai and Krav Maga.  In 2004 he began his WingTsun training under Sifu Steve Chan.  Today, he continues his WingTsun studies lead by his Sigung Carson Lau, chief instructor of the CWTA.  Sihing Arthur’s focus is set on aiding his Sifu in teaching others what he has learned.


“Chicago WingTsun has taught me the subtleties of the Martial Arts.  Truly less is more when it comes to theories of self defense.  This art has shown me how to be fluid and adaptive, all by relying on sound techniques and relaxation.  WingTsun is an effective and realistic art that anyone can learn.  It emphasizes real world applications and teaches a practitioner a form of Martial Arts which is reflex based and not memorized movements.”

– Sihing Arthur Heredia